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SINOTRUK HOWO Dump Truck /Tipper

Dump truck, also called tip lorry, is a kind of self-unloading vehicle by hydraulic pressure or mechanical lifting. It is made of a chassis, hydraulic lift mechanism, compartment, power take-off device, etc. It is usually used in combination with other construction equipment such as excavator, loader and bent conveyor to load, transport and unload loose materials for construction like sand, soil and gravel. This dump tipper can unload materials by itself, thus greatly saving time and labor. It also shortens transportation time to keep down its transportation cost and improves production efficiency. Our dump truck is a common dedicated transport vehicle.

As far as its maintenance skills, commissioning tests is a must for new dump tippers to maintain their stability during the lifting process. And choose the correct lubricating oil for all parts to save time and labor. And hydraulic lift mechanism regularly changes its fuel. In addition, our dump tipper need to load cargoes according to nominal carrying capacity and overloading is prohibited.

HOWO heavy duty dump truck adopts the key advanced technology of truck field and is used to transport those materials such as sand, stone, soil, garbage, building materials, coal, ore, grain and farm products. The biggest advantage is that it helps achieve the goal of unloading mechanization, thus enhancing the unloading efficiency and reducing the labor intensity. This product is applicable to many fields such as transportation and construction.

As the most advanced new generation heavy duty dump truck in China, it comes with self-own brand and proprietary intellectual property rights. It is designed for China market and international market. With a reasonable layout, heavy duty dump tipper is safe and reliable and it has outstanding performance in many aspects including power performance, economy, reliability and eco-friendly. Our heavy duty dump truck can be classified into two types by its emission allocation and they are Euro II HOWO heavy duty dump truck and Euro ⅢHOWO heavy duty dump truck. Its products include tractor, cargo truck, dump tipper, agitating lorry and other special vehicles. The drive model has 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4, 10×4, and more formats. And its engine power ranges from 266PS-410PS.

HOWO-A7 Series Heavy Duty Dump Truck

HOWO-A7 series heavy duty dump truck is used to haul containers and semi-trailers and also can be modified to other special vehicles like dump tipper by using its chassis. It is widely founded in the fields of transportation and construction.

Heavy duty dump truck is in line with international standards for its comfort, safety, intelligence. And it has the most outstanding fuel economy. This dump truck adopts the most advanced engine. Built to meet Euro 3 or Euro 4 emission regulations, it has the potential for Euro 5 and beyond. Also it has high emission, high torque, low rated rotation speed and fuel-saving. Our heavy duty dump track comes with automatic smart shift without inner tyres. In addition to this, it offers 430 high-torque and pull-type diaphragm clutch.

Our heavy duty dump track is designed by a famous designer from Italy. Based on the idea of maximum customer value, this series has a large variety of types and its drive model includes 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4, 10×4, etc. Furthermore, the engine power ranges from 270PS to 460PS.

We are a specialized dump truck supplier based in China. We provide various types of products such as cargo truck, concrete mixer truck, oil tank truck, and cang gate transport semi-trailer.

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  • SINOTRUK HOWO Tractor Truck tractor truck can be divided into two types: trailer towing vehicle and semi-trailer towing vehicle. Generally speaking, tractors' front has a headstock to drive while trailers' rear has no power system. So the latter is trailed by the former. There are two connecting way to bridges them. The first one is that the front part of a trailer rests on the traction saddle of tractor's rear. At that time, tractor's rear supports a part of weight of trailer, which is called semi-trailer.
  • SINOTRUK HOWO Cargo Truck Cargo truck is mainly designed for transporting goods and for business use. By its applications, it can be classified two types: general cargo truck and multi-purpose truck and the former can be divided into two parts: van and flatbed tow truck. And the latter is mainly used to carry cargo in terms or its design and structure, but there are folding seats or fixed seats behind the driver's seat.