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Simply speaking, tractor truck is a kind of vehicle whose headstock and compartment are pulled by tools, namely, the head of this tractor truck can break away from the original truck bed and pull others, and the compartment also can separate from the original headstock and be pulled by other headstocks.

tractor truck can be divided into two types: trailer towing vehicle and semi-trailer towing vehicle. Generally speaking, tractors' front has a headstock to drive while trailers' rear has no power system. So the latter is trailed by the former. There are two connecting way to bridges them. The first one is that the front part of a trailer rests on the traction saddle of tractor's rear. At that time, tractor's rear supports a part of weight of trailer, which is called semi-trailer. The second one is that trailer's front connects with tractors' rear and tractor offers the pulling force toward front and no need to bear the weight of trailer, which is called trailer.

As a professional tractor truck supplier based in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes dump truck, truck mounted crane, all terrain crane, and excavator, among others.

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