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  • SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Cargo Truck
  • SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Cargo Truck

Technical Parameters

Model ZZ1257M4347N1 ZZ1257M4647N1 ZZ1257M5247N1 ZZ1257M5847N1
ZZ1257N4347N1 ZZ1257N4647N1 ZZ1257N5247N1 ZZ1257N5847N1
Cab A7-W/A7-V A7-W/A7-V A7-W/A7-V A7-W/A7-V
Engine(Hp)Euro2(Euro3) 266, 290 (270, 300) 266, 290 (270,300) 266, 290 (270, 300) 266, 290 (270, 300)
336, 371 (340, 380) 336, 371 (340, 380) 336, 371 (340, 380) 336, 371 (340, 380)
Transmission HW15710/ HW19710 HW15710/ HW19710 HW15710/ HW19710 HW15710/ HW19710
Front Axle HF7/HF9 HF7/HF9 HF7/HF9 HF7/HF9
Steering ZF ZF ZF ZF
Rear Axles MCY13Q/
ST16/ HC16
ST16/ HC16
ST16/ HC16
ST16/ HC16
Tires 8.5/12.00R20 8.5/12.00R20 8.5/12.00R20 8.5/12.00R20
Carriage Dimension (mm) 7100×2326
Code of Goods: 8704230090
A7-W low-floor lengthened cab, single bunk, safety belts, MP5, left hand driving, air conditioner, central door lock, electric window lifter, electric mirrors (with heating)
A7-V low-floor lengthened high-roof cab, double bunk, other the same with A7-W cab
Option: Deluxe driver's seat, electric cab lifting system, curtain, right hand driving, color
Model WD615.62 WD615.87 WD615.69 WD615.47 D10.30 D10.34 D10.38 D12.34 D12.38
Horsepower 266 290 336 371 300 340 380 340 380
Maximum output (kw/r/min) 196/2200 213/2200 247/2200 273/2200 221/1900 249/1900 279/2000 249/2000 279/2000
Bore × Stroke (mm) 126×130 126×130 126×130 126×130 126×130 126×130 126×130 126×155 126×155
Valve 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4
Displacement 9.726L 9.726L 9.726L 9.726L 9.726L 9.726L 9.726L 11.596L 11.596L
Type 6-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbo-charged and inter-cooled, direct injection 6-cylinder in line,4-stroke,water-cooled, supercharging intermediate cooler, high pressure common rail
Emission standard Euro II Euro III
Manufacture: SINOTRUK (CNHTC), rigid fan, EVB brake, 2×165Ah batteries
Optional devices: Silicone oil fan, cold-start with electric-inlet-air heating system (180Ah battery), 12L engine, electric heating oil-water separator
HW15710 or HW19710 transmission,10 forward and 2 reverse
SINOTRUK HF7 front Axle, new 7-ton front axles of equipped with drum brakes.
Optional parts: disc brake, HF9 Ton front axle
Rear axles
SINOTRUK MCY13Q single reduction drive axle, ratio: 3.36 or 3.70, 4.11
ST16 double reduction drive axle, pressed axle housing, central single reduction with planetary wheel reduction and with differential locks between wheels and axles, ratio: 3.93 or 4.42, 4.42, 4.8, 5.73
HC16 heavy reduction drive axle, STR hub-reduction with differential locks between wheels and axles, ratio: 4.42, 4.8, 5.73
12.00-20 diagonal tires with 1 spare tire.
Rims: 8.5-20, 10 hole-steel
Optional:12.00R20 radial tire
Oil Tank: square type-300L aluminum alloy fuel tank
Optional configurations
Vertical muffler, automatic break clearance adjusting arm, traveling data recorder, metal pipeline, engine protective board, intercooler guard gating
Gross vehicle weight :25000kg
Front axle loading capacity: 7000kg
Rear axles loading capacity: 2×13000kg, 2×16000kg
Maximum driving speed: 90,102km/h
1) Nude pack
2) The packing of the commodity shall be in accordance with the export standard of the manufacturer and be suitable for long distance ocean and inland transportation.
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