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SINOTRUK HOWO Water Tank Truck

Water tank truck, multi-purpose water truck or water tanker, is suitable for various kinds of road cleaning, green belt washing, construction of factories and mines flushing, etc. It offers not only these features of water and pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, but also comes with the functions of carrying water, water draining, and emergency fire.

Water tank truck, basically, consists of antirust carton, communicating vessel, dedicated self priming water pump, pipe network, spray nozzle, work platform, class II chassis. GPS, gimbaled nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve are optional. You also can choose visual operating system, external power, etc. for additional configuration.

Unique Functions
This multi-purpose water truck has an important role to play in protecting our environment, is ideally suitable for greening projects in factories of urban community. It comes with the most advanced super power water pump, tangential spray, deluge gun installed on the work platform, suction pipe, fire hose couplings and artesian water. And the deluge gun can simulate many kinds of rain include heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, even drizzle. Additionally, you can choose 20 meters reel plate for pesticide-spraying, working aloft for additional configuration.

Water tank truck, generally speaking, is used for pavement flushing, dust removal and cooling and its water sprinkler can change its direction and angle by threaded nozzle adjustment. And the deluge gun can be used for greening projects in urban and rural. Also, it comes with the function of cleaning air for dust removal of deluge head.

Operating Notes
1. Generally speaking, water of water tank truck is originated from ditch or pond. When sucking up water, users must submerge suction head completely. And suction pipe has a filtration system to prevent it from sucking rock, sand or flotsam. When in shallow water, user must dig down deeper to stop sundries or air from entering into water. Different water pumps have varied demands for water source. Clean water pump is suitable for unadulterated water, while dirty water pump fits for water with a small amount of rock or sand.
2. Before sucking water, you must add a certain amount of priming water to centrifugal water pump and then close the suction intake. Priming water is needed to add only when you first use self priming water pump.
3. While sucking, water inlet must maintain a certain vacuum to inhale water. Water inlet system must empty inside air and hose and tubing is undamaged and complete. Otherwise, air leakage will occur.
4. Prior to sucking or watering, you can't put power take-off device into gear until parking the truck.
5. You should empty the water pump or remove the water to prevent it freezing and cracking in winter. There are no any construction projects during winter in northern China. Thus, we should empty water pipe to protect it as soon as we finish the constructions projects.
6. The front nozzle of water tank truck is close to ground and comes with high spray pressure for road flushing. This tank truck is equipped with two rear nozzles which can water over a wide surface area for pavement sprinkling. Front and rear nozzles cannot work together at the same time, namely user should close front nozzle while using rear nozzles. And sprinkling width is adjustable according to demands.
7. Regularly oil or grease all lubrication points and fasten all hose connections for normal use.
8. Discharge pipe is installed on the water tank truck. Regularly open the switch of discharge pipe to remove the accumulated sundries in the mixing drum after using water tank truck for some time.

Shanglong is a specialized water tank truck supplier based in China. We provide a broad range of products including dump truck, backhoe loader, single drum road roller, rotary drilling rig, and more.

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