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SINOTRUK HOWO Compressed Garbage Truck

Compressed garbage truck, also called hydraulic lifter garbage truck, is mainly used for collecting and carrying various kinds of rubbish. It is especially suitable for transporting household waste and then compressing, crushing to greatly improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transport. New compressed garbage truck not only comes with good quality and low breakdown rate, but also offers these functions of convenient maintenance and low running cost.

The main function of compressed garbage truck is household waste transport. Also it can used for transporting loose materials like ash, sand, rock, soil, coal, mineral and more. This garbage truck has a separable waste hopper which can achieve the goal of reusable transport by connecting a car with several waste hoppers. This way fully improves its transport capability, especially fit for short-distance transport. For example, sanitation departments transport and handle the urban waste.

Compressed garbage truck adopts the international advanced integration technology of engine, electric, hydraumatic. It realizes rubbish collecting and crushing by special devices including compartment, precompressor, shovel. Additionally, our compressed garbage truck is eco-friendly. Its electric unit and hydraulic components including oil cylinder, joint, hydraulic tube and valve are imported from foreign country, and our steel plate also is imported. These components with good quality and easy maintenance are able to prevent pollution.

Technical Parameters of 4x2 Compressed Garbage Truck

Chassis model ZZ1167M4611W (Euro Ⅱ)
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 8765×2498×3290
Pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 20
Kerb mass (kg) 12150
Loading mass (kg) 3720
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 16000
Max. speed (kg/h) 90
Engine model WD615.61A (Euro Ⅱ)
Engine output (kw/r/min) 193/2300, 196/2300
Body volume (m³) 16
Filler volume (m³) 2
Cycle time of filling (s) ≤25
Lifting time of filler (s) 8~10
Time of discharging (s) ≤40
Front/Rear sewage tank volume(L) 250+150
Max. compression force(kg) >25000

Technical Parameters of 6×4 Compressed Garbage Truck

No. Driving type Engine output Body volume(m³)
1 6×4 290hp 20
Main Specifications
Chassis model ZZ3257M3841 Gross vehicle weight 25000kg
Engine Brand SINOTRUK Dead weight 11840kg
WD615.87 Euro II Tires 12.00R20 radial tire
Maximum output 290HP Cab HW70, no sleeper; with air conditioner
Rated engine power 213/2200kw Rated loading capacity 14670kg
Transmission HW15710
10 forward and 2 reverse
Volume of filler(m³) 2.5
Front axle SINOTRUK model: HF9 Time of one loading cycle ≤25s
Max. loading: 9000kg Time of one unloading cycle ≤60s
Rear axle SINOTRUK model: HC16 Pressure of fluid
Max. loading: 32000kg Max. compression force >250000kgf
Steering ZF8098 Front, rear capacity
of drain tank
Max. speed 90km/h Time of lift filler 8-10s
Overall dimension (mm) 9695×2500×3290

We are an experienced compressed garbage truck supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as concrete mixer truck, cargo truck, tractor truck, and light duty truck.

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