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QY100K Truck Crane

Our cranes are developed, manufactured and assembled based on the most current technologies. So, our products feature new design and reliable performance. QY100K truck crane is a piece of 100-tonnage lifting capacity equipment. Its undercarriage system incorporates six axles, including three drive axles and three steering axles, and offers the entire equipment superior off-road capability. Equipped with a Cummins engine and an automatic transmission system, the off-road truck carrier ensures a maximum gradeability of 40%. The maneuverable steering system also helps assure good passability and minimum turning diameter of 24m.

The crane is ideal for use in manufacturing plants, mines, seaports, and construction sites for heavy equipment assembly, material loading and unloading, material lifting and movement, and more related purposes.

Main Technical Specifications of QY100K Truck Crane
Technical Data when Traveling

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Outline dimension Overall length mm 15230
Overall width mm 3000
Overall height mm 3860
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 65000
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 75
Min. stable travel speed km/h 0.5
Turning diameter Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. turning diameter at boom tip m 26.6
Power ratio kW/t 7.3
Min. ground clearance mm 310
Approach angle (°) 23
Departure angle (°) 15
Braking distance (at 30km/h) m ≤10
Max. grade-ability % 40
Power Engine rated output kW/(r/min.) 324/1800
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min.) 2100/1200

Main Technical Data for Lifting Operation

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Lifting performance Max. total rated lifting capacity t 100
Min. rated working radius m 3
Max. load moment Base boom kN.m 3238
Fully extended boom kN.m 1670
Fully extended boom + Jib kN.m 1127
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 7.56
Lateral m 7.6
Boom length Base boom m 12.8
Fully extended boom m 48
Fully extended boom + Jib m 48 + 18.1
Jib offset angle ° 0, 15, 30
Working speed Boom elevating time Boom raising s 60
Boom telescoping time Full extending / Full retracting s 140
Max. swing speed r/min 2
Hoist speed (single wire at 4th layer) Main winch m/min 110
Aux. winch m/min 85

1. The truck crane features compact structure and rational structure design. It has large span outriggers to assure maximized equipment leveling and stabilizing performance and its flexible slewing platform allows the boom to achieve 360º operation conveniently.
2. A construction machinery standard PLC control system is adopted for lifting system control. Control signals and operation performance chart of parts can be set and adjusted. These ensure safety, reliable and precise operation.
3. The leveling of electric controlled outriggers can be achieved via a button, convenient and easy.
4. The five-section boom with oviform cross section offers the minimized weight, smooth telescoping, accurate alignment, and large lifting capacity, because of the special devices and imported high-tension steel plates.
5. Equipped with a Euro II engine originally designed for construction equipment, the truck crane has powerful output, low operation noise and low fuel consumption, and is capable of working continuously for a long time.
6. Self-erecting counterbalances can be combined freely to meet varied operation requirements. Flexible combination of counterweight improves the lifting capacity of mid-extended boom. Movable control box makes counterweight operation convenient.
7. The crane is designed with a complete hydraulic system to assure constant power and efficiency. The PLC control system and the hydraulic system allow the equipment to adjust hydraulic flow and pressure according to the load change automatically, and to control speed accurately and sensitively.
8. The operation cabin can be tilted backward by 20 degrees to suit application demands. Meanwhile, it comes with integrated front and overhead windows, air conditioning system, roller blinds, adjustable operator's seat, and noise and heat insulation designs.
9. The truck crane can be optionally equipped with an automatic lubricating system. The system will lubricate key positions automatically according to the preset time interval. Other optional parts such as a jib, anti-UV glazing, and radio-cassette player are available as well.

We are a specialized truck crane supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as mining truck, compressed garbage truck, 3 axle semi-trailer, and low plate semi-trailer.

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