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Truck Crane
This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Specifications of QY25K5 Truck Crane
Technical Data when Traveling

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Outline dimension  Overall length mm 12000
 Overall width mm 2500
 Overall height mm 3380
Mass  Total mass in travel state kg 31000
 Axle load Front Axle kg 6440
Rear Axle kg 24600
Travel performance  Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 75
 Turning diameter Min. turning diameter m 22
 Min. ground clearance mm 260
 Approach angle (°) 16
 Departure angle (°) 13
 Braking distance (at speed of 30km/h) m 10
 Max. gradeability % 30
 Fuel consumption for 100km L 37
Power  Engine rated output kW/(r/min.) 206/2200
 Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min.) 1112/1400
 Engine rated speed rpm. 2200

Main Technical Data for Lifting Operation

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Lifting performance  Max. rated lifting capacity t 25
 Min. rated working radius m 3
 Turning radius at turntable tail m 3.065
 Max. load moment Base boom kN.m 961
Fully extended boom kN.m 450
Fully-extend boom+Jib kN.m 436
 Outrigger span Longitudinal m 4.8
Lateral m 6.0
 Lifting height Base boom m 10.2
Fully extended boom m 38.6
Fully extended boom + Jib m 47.6
Working speed  Boom elevating time Boom raising S 75
 Boom telescoping time Boom full extension S 150
 Max. slewing speed r/min 2.5
 Outrigger  telescoping time Outrigger beam extending/retracting S 35/30
Outrigger jack extending/retracting S 40/35
 Hoist speed  (single line) Main winch Full load m/min 75
No load m/min 125
Auxiliary winch Full load m/min 75
No load m/min 125

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