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XCMG Truck Crane

Specifications of QY50K Truck Crane
Technical Data when Traveling

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Outline dimension Overall length mm 13100
Overall width mm ≤2750
Overall height mm 3350
Wheel base Axle 1, Axle 2 mm 1520
Axle 2, Axle 3 mm 3815
Axle 3, Axle 4 mm 1350
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 38580
Axle load Front axle kg 12950
Rear axle kg 25630
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 66
Min. stable travel speed km/h 2.7
Turning diameter Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. turning diameter at boom tip m 26.8
Min. ground clearance mm 285
Approach angle (°) 16
Departure angle (°) 16
Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load) m 10
Max. grade-ability % 27
Fuel consumption for 100km L 36
Power Model WD615.67A
Engine rated output kW/(r/min.) 206/2200
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min.) 1100/1400
Engine rated speed rpm. 2200

Main Technical Data for Lifting Operation

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Lifting performance Max. rated lifting capacity t 50
Min. rated working radius m 3
Turning radius at turntable tail m ≤3.485
Max. load moment Base boom kN.m 1764
Fully extended boom kN.m 823
Fully extended boom + Jib kN.m 492.8
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 5.65
Lateral m 6.6
Lifting height Base boom m 10.75
Fully extended boom m 40
Fully extended boom + Jib m 55.8
Working speed Boom raising time s 88
Boom full extension time s 180
Max. slewing speed r/min 2.0
Hoist speed Main winch Full load m/min ≥85
No load m/min ≥110
Aux. winch Full load m/min ≥80
No load m/min ≥110
Noise limit Crane exterior noise dB (A) ≤118
At operator's seated position dB (A) ≤90

We are a specialized truck crane supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as container transport semi-trailer, 3 axle semi-trailer, all terrain crane, and tractor truck.

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