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XCMG Truck Crane

A truck crane refers to a crane mounted on a common or special-purpose truck chassis. Due to its truck carrier, it is provided with good mobility and can achieve easy transfer between different work sites. It is typically designed with separated drive cab and operation room. While working on job site, outriggers are required to help level and stabilize the crane. Most types of equipment is not designed for working on soft ground or muddy ground, but we can offer all terrain crane to meet customers' demands.

The undercarriage for the truck crane has the same performance as that for a heavy duty truck with the same curb weight. It is designed and manufactured according related technical requirements for road vehicles, which allows the crane to travel on highways as common heavy vehicles.

We can offer different models of truck cranes with varied lifting capacity, ranging from 16t to 100t. The vehicle shaft number available on the undercarriage system ranges from two to ten. All models offer high working efficiency and are broadly used in engineering construction and civil construction industries.

Design and Performance Characteristics
Our truck crane is a combination of national and international advanced design and manufacturing technologies, 27 of which are national patented. It offers superior performance, flexible operation, and comfortable operation environment. Its overall performance is comparable with that of a 50t TDANO crane. Following are the details.   
1. It comes with an engineering vehicle standard drive cab which is luxury and comfortable and offers drivers large angle of view. The modern streamlined design for both drive cab and operation cabin makes the equipment aesthetical in appearance.
2. To assure flexible usage, the crane is equipped with a telescoping extendable boom, and a latticed type jib.
3. The dual H-type outriggers, coupled with the fifth supporting leg at the front, ensure the great stability and leveling for the truck crane. This also allows the upper part of the machine to achieve 360 degrees slewing operation. Pilot operated, electro-hydraulic proportional control system is utilized to ensure simple operation of the equipment.
4. Equipped with high performance engine, our cranes feature high power output and low fuel consumption, and its noise generation conforms to related national standard.
5. Fully covered footplate makes it easy for equipment operation and maintenance.

Shanglong is a specialized truck crane supplier based in China. We provide a broad range of products, including concrete mixer truck, electric forklift truck, road roller, pneumatic road roller, and more.

Other Products
  • XCMG Truck Mounted Crane Our truck mounted cranes are powered by Cummins engine and offer lifting capacity ranging from 3.2t to 8t. The truck carrier allows the crane to work and travel on mountainous road and work sites as well as other harsh environment. To assure comfortable operation environment, the drive cab is equipped with shock absorption system, air conditioning system, and more.
  • XCMG All Terrain Crane The all terrain crane is a combination of a truck mounted crane and a rough terrain crane. It has the good roadability of the former and the maneuverability of the latter. Hence, it comes with fast travel speed on the road, and can also travel on narrow and uneven road and muddy ground as well.
  • XCMG Crawler Crane The crawler crane is commonly used in the work site for a high rise building construction. Its undercarriage with a set of crawlers ensures good mobility and stability. It is capable of moving around on site and performing lifting operations without outriggers. However, this type of crane is heavy and offers low travel speed. It usually needs to be moved to next location by trucks, rail cars or ships.
  • SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Dump Truck A7-W low floor lengthening cabin with air conditioner, MP5 radio system and liquid crystal display, VDO instrument and the CAN bus German VDO electronic controlled system.
    All the instruments are controlled by NC synchronous motor and the trucks are supported by four-point fully floating suspension, shock absorbers with transverse stabilizer. ...