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  • XCMG Truck CraneA truck crane refers to a crane mounted on a common or special-purpose truck chassis. Due to its truck carrier, it is provided with good mobility and can achieve easy transfer between different work sites. It is typically designed with separated drive cab and operation room. While working on job site, outriggers are required to help level and stabilize the crane.
  • XCMG Truck Mounted CraneOur truck mounted cranes are powered by Cummins engine and offer lifting capacity ranging from 3.2t to 8t. The truck carrier allows the crane to work and travel on mountainous road and work sites as well as other harsh environment. To assure comfortable operation environment, the drive cab is equipped with shock absorption system, air conditioning system, and more.
  • XCMG All Terrain Crane The all terrain crane is a combination of a truck mounted crane and a rough terrain crane. It has the good roadability of the former and the maneuverability of the latter. Hence, it comes with fast travel speed on the road, and can also travel on narrow and uneven road and muddy ground as well.
  • XCMG Crawler Crane Our QUY55 XCMG crawler crane is designed with main boom length ranging from 13m to 52m. The total boom is composed of a 6.5m boom base, a 6.5m boom top, a 3m boom insert, three 6m boom inserts and two 9m boom inserts, with every 3m for an increase or decrease.
  • ZOOMLION Truck Crane The QY30V532.5 truck crane is configured with a capacious operating cab with compact decoration, full slewing system, 5-section telescopic boom, hydraulic proportional control system, full-width special chassis made by ourselves with three axles and other parts. Due to the 6×4 drive and hydraulic power steering mechanism, our product presents excellent driving performance and flexible steering

We are a specialized crane supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as oil tank truck, 3 axle semi-trailer, container transport semi-trailer, and sewage suction truck.

Other Products
  • Wheel LoaderWheel loader is a kind of earth moving plant which is widely used for construction projects such as highway, railway, water and electricity, building, port and mines. Its main function is shoveling and loading of loose materials as soil, sand, lime, coal, ore and hard soil. Also, it is able to bulldoze, lift, load and unload other materials like wood by equipping with different auxiliary devices.
  • XCMG ExcavatorExcavator or excavating machinery is a kind of earthmover which is used to dig loose materials like soil, coal, sand or rock. The usual excavator consists of power shovel, working device, slewing mechanism, motivator, transmission mechanism, running gear and auxiliary facilities.
  • SINOTRUK HOWO A7 Dump Truck A7-W low floor lengthening cabin with air conditioner, MP5 radio system and liquid crystal display, VDO instrument and the CAN bus German VDO electronic controlled system.
    All the instruments are controlled by NC synchronous motor and the trucks are supported by four-point fully floating suspension, shock absorbers with transverse stabilizer. ...