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Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is a kind of earth moving plant which is widely used for construction projects such as highway, railway, water and electricity, building, port and mines. Its main function is shoveling and loading of loose materials as soil, sand, lime, coal, ore and hard soil. Also, it is able to bulldoze, lift, load and unload other materials like wood by equipping with different auxiliary devices. In road construction, especially high grade highway construction, wheel loader is used for filling and digging of subgrade engineering, collecting and loading of bituminous mixture and cement concrete. Additionally, wheel loader is able to transporting soil, scraping ground level and hauling other machinery. Due to the advantages of flexible, easy operation, fast operating speed and high efficiency, wheel loader has become one of the main machineries of engineering construction.

Main Parts of Wheel Loader
Wheel loader mainly consists of four parts including engine, torque converter, gear box, front axle and rear axle. Among this, torque converter comes with three pumps: working pump, steering pump and variable speed pump. The working pump offers high pressure oil to lift, steering pump supplies pressure oil to divert and the last pump provides oil for torque converter and gear box. Besides, some wheel loader is equipped with pilot pump to provide pilot valve with oil. Different pumps has different oil-ways, therefore, wheel loader has three oil circuits.
1. Hydraulic circuit: hydraulic oil container, working pump, multi-way valve, lift cylinder and tipper cylinder;
2.Variant circuit: gearbox oil sump, variable-speed pump, torque converter or gear valve, gear box and clutch;
3. Steering circuit: tank, steering pump, steering control unit and steering cylinder.
In addition, gear box has two types of planetary pattern and fixed shaft pattern. Its drive: transmission axle, differential mechanism and reduction gearbox.

As a specialized wheel loader supplier based in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes dump truck, tractor truck, oil tank truck, and semi trailer, among others.

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