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XCMG Excavator

Excavator or excavating machinery is a kind of earthmover which is used to dig loose materials like soil, coal, sand or rock. The usual excavator consists of power shovel, working device, slewing mechanism, motivator, transmission mechanism, running gear and auxiliary facilities.

Full Hydraulic Excavator
Full hydraulic excavator mainly consists of engine, hydraulic system, working device, running gear and electrical control. And hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic pump, control valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, and hydraulic oil tanks. And electrical control includes monitoring panel, engine management system, pump system, sensors and solenoid valve.

Generally speaking, full hydraulic excavator comes with three parts which include working device, slewing mechanism and running gear. Details about the three parts are as follows.

Working device is designed to dig materials and it is hinged with a digging arm or stick, boom and bucket. Digging arm lifting, telescopic arm and rotative bucket are controlled by double acting hydraulic cylinder. To adapt to different construction projects, it can be equipped with many kinds of working devices such as digger, jack-up, loader, pincers, bulldozer and impact hammer. And slewing mechanism and running gear is the body of hydraulic excavator and power shovel and transmission system are installed on the rotary table. Engine or electromotor is the source of excavator. Hydraulic system passes the motive power from engine to hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and then pushes the working device to accomplish various movements.

Specifications of 924F Excavator

Operating Weight 24.1T
Bucket Capacity 1.1m3
Operating Weight 24.1T
Engine Model CUMMINS QSB6.7 (tire 3)
Type 6 cylinders, in line
Rated Power 142kw/2200rpm
Breath Turbo-charged, air cooled
Qty of cylinder 6
Cooling Water cooled
Air filter Dry air filter
Throttle Control Electric control
Fuel tank 360 L
Starter 24V/7.5KW
Main Equipment Main valve Kawasaki Japan
Main pump Kawasaki Japan
Hydraulic operating valve Kawasaki Japan
Traveling motor and Reducer TEIJIN, Japan
Cylinder Chinese
Hose Imported from Italy
Cabin Streamlined cabin, high-grade suspension seat
Air conditioner & Sound Cool and hot air conditioner, stereo sound.
Rollers & track domestic famous companies
Swing motor Kawasaki Japan
Working Scope stick length 3
Max. digging depth 7.04
Max. digging radius 10.25
Max. digging height 9.53
Max. dump height 6.7
Digging force of stick cylinder 95
Digging force of bucket cylinder 140

Shanglong is a China-based excavator supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including all terrain crane, tractor truck, backhoe loader, and more.

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