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Gas and Oil Forklift Truck

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Gas and Oil Forklift Truck
This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

CPQD30F LPG & Gasoline Powered Forklift Truck
Powered by CPQD30F LPG or gasoline, Gas and oil forklift truck is usually used in outdoor applications where there is no special requirement for exhaust emission and noise. Our product is characterized by convenient fuel refilling, making it suitable for long-term continuous operations. A gas and oil forklift truck could also work in bad working conditions like rainy days.

Technical data of CPQD30F Gas and Oil Forklift Truck

Load capacity 3000 kg
Lifting height 3000 mm
Total weight 4320 kg
Overall dimensions 3790×1228×2110 mm
Fork length 1200 mm
Fork width 125 mm
Fork thickness 45 mm
Engine model MITSUBISHI 4G64-31ZG (made in Japan)
Power 38KW
Power shift TOR-CON
Packaging details 2 pcs/20'Container; 4 pcs/40'Container

Shanglong is a professional gas and oil forklift truck supplier based in China. We provide a broad range of products, including 3 axle semi-trailer, semi trailer, light duty truck, crawler crane and more.

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