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XCMG Road Roller

A road roller, a kind of engineering vehicle, is regularly used to compact asphalt concrete and cement concrete in the construction of highway, railway, airport runway, dam, and parking lot. We can offer single drum, double drum, and pneumatic rollers for customers to choose from. Our road compactors offer superior plateau performance. That is, they work in well condition in areas with a maximum altitude of 3500m. They are also ideal for compaction of sandy soil and clayed soil, and their compaction force can penetrate one meter's deep into the ground.

Our road roller uses fully hydraulic drive system and complete electro hydraulic control system. Its key components and systems are all international level. The equipment offers functions such as all-wheel variable speed drive, stepless variable frequency vibration, two vibration amplitude levels, and adjustable water spraying amount, spring scraper, and more.

Shanglong is a China-based road roller supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including crawler crane, tractor truck, wheel loader, semi trailer, and more.

Other Products
  • XCMG Motor Grader Our motor grader is a commonly used construction machine designed to create a flat surface during road and airport as well as parking lot construction industries, and functions to ensure the strength and stabilization of roadbed. It can also be used for snow removal, pushing bulk materials, and mixing materials on road surface.
  • XCMG Cold Milling MachineryXM130 cold milling machine is also called an asphalt milling machine. It functions to grinding up the asphalt concrete material thus recycling the asphalt. It is extensively used for renovation of asphalt pavement for highways, urban roads, airports, freight yard, etc., and can be used for removal and eliminate protuberance, oil layer, tire track, and more.