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XCMG Motor Grader

Our motor grader is a commonly used construction machine designed to create a flat surface during road and airport as well as parking lot construction industries, and functions to ensure the strength and stabilization of roadbed. It can also be used for snow removal, pushing bulk materials, and mixing materials on road surface. Its long blade is mounted between the front and rear wheel axles, and has elevating, tilting, rotation and extension functions. With multiple functions, motor graders are also extensively used in national defense, water conservancy project construction, and related industries.

Specifications of GR215C Motor Grader

Basic Specification
Engine model 6CTAA8.3, 6CTA8.3
Rated power/speed 153kw/2200rpm, 160kw/2200rpm
Dimension (L×W×H) 8970mm×2625mm×3470mm
Operating weight (Standard) 16500kg
Performance Specification
Travelling speed, forward 5, 8, 11, 19, 23, 38km/h
Travelling speed, reverse 5, 11, 23 km/h
Traction force(f=0.75) 82KN
Max. climbing ability 20%
Tire inflation pressure 260KPa
Working hydraulic pressure 16MPa
Transmission pressure 1.3~1.8MPa
Operating Specification
Max. steering angle of front wheels ±50°
Max. lean angle of front wheels ±17°
Max. oscillation angle of front axle ±15°
Max. oscillation angle of balance box 15°
Frame articulation angle ±27°
Min. turning radius using articulation 7.3m
Maximum lift above ground 450mm
Maximum depth of cutting 500mm
Maximum blade positioning angle 90°
Blade cutting angle 28°~70°
Circle reversing rotation 360°
Moldboard (width × height) 4270mm×610mm

Shanglong is a specialized motor grader supplier based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including road roller, dump truck, cold milling machinery, oil tank truck, and more.

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