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XCMG Paver

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XCMG Paver
This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This page shows you our multifunctional asphalt concrete paver which is also called a paver finisher or asphalt finisher. The engineering vehicle is designed to lay asphalt materials on road surface and always used in combination with other types of road construction equipment. Mostly, the paver is fed by a dump truck to assure continuous and efficient asphalt pavement. Then, a road roller is utilized to compact the asphalt mixtures, thus creating a smooth and even road surface. The sub-base being prepared by use of a grader to trim crushed stone to profile after rolling.

Parameters of RP951A Multi-function Asphalt Concrete Paver

RP951A Multi-function asphalt concrete paver Configurations
Standard Optional
Engine model BF6M1013E -
Rated engine output (kw) 137 -
Rated engine rotation speed (r/min) 2300 -
Engine manufacturer Germany Deutz -
Basic working width (m) 3.0 -
Max. working width (m) 9.5 -
Max. working thickness (mm) 350 -
Paving speed (m/min) 0-18 -
Traveling speed (km/h) 0-2.4 (0-40m/min) -
Theoretic productivity (t/h) 700 -
Hopper capacity (t) 14 -
Smoothness (mm/3m) 3 -
Slope leveling tolerance (%) ±0.02 -
Feeding speed (m/min) 0-24 -
Material auger rotation speed (r/min) 0-90 -
Basic diameter of material auger (mm) 420 -
Screed DTV-I Double-tamper vibrators electric-heater 575 Hydraulic extension electric-heater
Extend style Fixed extension Hydraulic extension
Rotation speed of tamper bar (r/min) 0-1470 0-1500
Amplitude of tamper bar (mm) Main: 3, 5, 7, 9 Aux.:0, 3, 6, 9, 12 4, 8
Vibration frequency (Hz) 0-50 68-71
Heating output of the screed (kw) 28 -
Basic voltage of electro-hydraulic system (V) 24 -
Battery capacity (VAhx2) 165 -
Grounding length of the crawler belt (mm) 3218 -
Width of crawler belt (mm) 300 -
Steering Pivot steering -
Grade ability (%) 20 -
Fuel tank capacity (L) 270 -
Hydraulic tank capacity (L) 400 -
Conveying weight of the main machine (t) 21.3 -
Gross weight (kg) 28.7 -
Transportation dimension (mm) 6759×3000×3850 -
Equipment dimension (mm) 6759×3000×3850

We are a specialized paver supplier based in China. We provide various types of products such as all terrain crane, tractor truck, concrete mixer truck, and backhoe loader.

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