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XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig

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XCMG  Rotary Drilling Rig
This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Rotary drilling rig comes with various types of drills such as core drill bit and short spiral drill, ideal for foundation basis pore-forming. Replace different drills according to different geological conditions to realize the requirements of high-speed and high –quality pore-creating.

Rotary drilling rig refers to construction machinery, suitable for pore forming of construction projects. And it is widely used for construction work such as municipal construction, highway and bridge, and high-rise buildings. Equipped with different drilling rigs, it can be used for pore forming of dry-type, wet-type and rock stratum. Our product comes with features of flexible, high power, high output torque, high pressure in an axial-direction, high construction efficiency. The drilling rig is suitable for geological conditions in most areas and is able to meet the requirements of bridge construction and tall building construction. At the present time, it has become main equipment for pore forming in the construction of bored pile. The reason is that it has these merits of high-speed construction, little pollution, convenient and flexible operation, high-quality pore-forming, high safety, strong applicability.

Construction Procedure of Rotary Drilling Rig
Location of rotary drilling rig → embedded pile casing → spud in after drill lightly landing on the ground → lifting drill out of pore when drill is full of sand or other materials → return of rotary drilling rig and dumping the sand into earthwork car or on the ground → closing the drill valve → return to the original place and lock the revolver → putting drill down → pore forming, borehole cleaning and determining the depth → putting in steel reinforcement cage and pipeline→ pouring concrete into→ extracting pile casing, pile head cleaning, heavy silting refilling and pile forming.

There are some problems should be noticed in the process of pore-forming construction. Firstly, the perpendicularity between pore and pile casing will make a huge influence to verticality of pile shaft. Secondly, concrete pile casing function of positioning combines rationally with steel pile casing to short the positioning time and improve the efficiency. Thirdly, in the soft rock and soil layer, you can use rotary drilling bucket through once pore-forming. While in the hard rock, you first use spiral bit and then rotary drilling bucket to enlarge the hole.

Rotary drilling rig offers these advantages of strong applicability, high degree of automation, low labor strength, high drilling efficiency, little pollution, and high quality pile forming. All in all, the drilling rig can markedly improve construction efficiency and enhance construction quality. Choosing the right construction method and construction technology process will save sources including materials, financial and human resources to a large degree. This will create a win-win situation for enterprise and society.

Shanglong is a China-based rotary drilling rig supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including sewage suction truck, tipper, road roller, forklift truck, and much more.

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