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  • 6-15 Seater MinibusEngine: 4Y(491QE) gasoline engine
    Driving model: LHD or RHD
    Nominal power (kw): 78/4600
    Engine displacement (ml): 2237
  • 26-58 Seater Bus Transmission: Manual 5 speed gear box
    Clutch: Ø395mm clutch
    Front axle: 4.5 T front axle
    Rear axle: 8 T single reduction harden gear rear axle
Other Products
  • XCMG Truck CraneA truck crane refers to a crane mounted on a common or special-purpose truck chassis. Due to its truck carrier, it is provided with good mobility and can achieve easy transfer between different work sites. It is typically designed with separated drive cab and operation room. While working on job site, outriggers are required to help level and stabilize the crane.
  • XCMG Truck Mounted CraneOur truck mounted cranes are powered by Cummins engine and offer lifting capacity ranging from 3.2t to 8t. The truck carrier allows the crane to work and travel on mountainous road and work sites as well as other harsh environment. To assure comfortable operation environment, the drive cab is equipped with shock absorption system, air conditioning system, and more.