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WD415 Diesel Engine for Generator-Sets

WD415 Diesel Engine for Generator-Sets

1. Rated output power of our WD415 diesel engine for generator-sets ranges from 40kw to 75kw and rated frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.
2. The power system with this engine will generate amounts of power in the scope of 138kw to 177kw.
3. Aided with the product, the generator group makes emission consistent with Euro II standard.

Model 40GF-H415 50GF-H415 75GF-H415
Rated power (kw) 40 50 75
Rated speed (r/min) 1500
Rated frequency (Hz) 50(60)
Rated voltage (V) 400/230 400/230 400/230
Rated current (A) 72.2 90.2 135.3
Power factor (lag) 0.8
Phase number 3
Noise dB (A) 93
Cooling mode Closed water cooling
Speed governing mode Electronically
Starting mode DC24V electronic staring
Starting mode in low temperature Starting by aether heating
Mass (kg) 1100 1250 1450
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