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Shanglong is a professional heavy duty truck and construction equipment supplier who is also an authorized SINOTRUK sales company, the leading heavy duty truck manufacturer in China. Sinotruk is renowned for: producing the first China heavy duty truck (JN150); having the largest volume of heavy duty trucks produced and sold in China; its successful introduction of the Steyr Volvo production line; and independent research of HOWO series heavy duty trucks.

Shanglong strives to provide its global clients with high-quality, low-priced trucks, special vehicles, construction cranes, construction equipment, and related products. With the intention of better serving our customers, we continuously develop new Sinotruk products and conduct technical exchanges with MAN, ZF and other top truck and truck part manufacturers. As a result, our products are distributed to about 90% of the countries on the globe.

Products and Applications
Our products include HOWO dump trucks, HOWO tractor trucks, HOWO cargo trucks, HOWO concrete mixer trucks, water tank trucks, and a series of heavy duty truck parts. With the goal of perfecting our product range, we also work with several top construction equipment manufacturers. This has allowed us to offer high quality truck cranes, wheel loaders, road rollers, motor graders, pavers, excavators, and more. These products are widely used in transportation, as well as in the road and city construction industries of Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and other countries. In response to environmental awareness and the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, we have developed electric vehicles which are energy efficient and answer this market need.

1. HOWO heavy duty trucks have been named as one of the top ten "Best-Selling Trademarks" in the heavy duty truck industry.
2. In 2007, HOWO heavy duty trucks was honored as one of the "Chinese Name-Brand Products".
3. In 2006, HOWO was honored as "the Most Competitive Brand" by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
4. In 2006, Sinotruk was awarded the "Top Ten Chinese Brand in the Global Market of 2006" and "Top Ten Chinese Influential Brands in the Global Market of 2006" by UNDP and WCPS.

Customer Services
To facilitate the prompt delivery our heavy duty trucks, construction cranes, and construction equipment, we have established our own fitting system and warehouse. As a result, we have gained a reputation for speedy delivery. Normally, your products arrive 40-45 days after ordering. We also provide complete after-sale customer service, covering maintenance and replacement services, in case you should have any difficulty.
Located in Shandong province, we have access to convenient transportation facilities by sea, land, and air. This allows us to ship our heavy duty trucks, hydraulic cranes, construction equipment, and heavy duty truck parts at reduced costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail!

Main Products
  • SINOTRUK HOWO Dump Truck /Tipper Dump truck, also called tip lorry, is a kind of self-unloading vehicle by hydraulic pressure or mechanical lifting. It is made of a chassis, hydraulic lift mechanism, compartment, power take-off device, etc. It is usually used in combination with other construction equipment such as excavator, loader and bent conveyor to load, transport and unload loose materials for construction like sand, soil and gravel.
  • SINOTRUK HOWO Tractor Truck tractor truck can be divided into two types: trailer towing vehicle and semi-trailer towing vehicle. Generally speaking, tractors' front has a headstock to drive while trailers' rear has no power system. So the latter is trailed by the former. There are two connecting way to bridges them. The first one is that the front part of a trailer rests on the traction saddle of tractor's rear. At that time, tractor's rear supports a part of weight of trailer, which is called semi-trailer.